Lighting/Shading Systems

Lighting SolutionsSimplify Your Life

  • Scheduled Lighting Gives Your Home a Lived-in Look
  • Never Come Home to a Dark House Again
  • All On/All Off is a Breeze
  • Setup for Party is a Snap
  • Turn Lights On/Off from Smartphone or iPad
  • Have Lights Come on in an Emergency
  • Save Energy with Dimming

Controlled lighting allows you to create the perfect setting in your home. An integrated system, along with motorized shades and draperies, enables you to adjust the home's aesthetics to your liking. Instead of merely turning on / off various lights in the house, the system can work together in any combination to offer preset sequences or prearranged schedules. You can program scenes for scenarios like "reading," "cocktail party," or "movie viewing." Imagine hosting a party and pressing one button to light the interior and exterior of your house in the most attractive manner.

Lighting also creates a more secure home. As you approach your driveway, and with the touch of a button in your car, turn on your exterior flood lights, open the garage door and illuminate the home for your arrival. One of the master controls for the entire home could be next to your bed. Should you hear a sound outside in the middle of the night, you can turn on all the lights in and outside the home. Or when you leave for vacation, you press one button so that lights turn on and off and shades open and close, creating a pattern that suggests someone is still home.

Additionally, integrated lights can add value to you home. The preset scenes and automatic timers can conserve power and save you money. The same wiring that commands the lights can also command lawn irrigation, pool temperature, hot tubs, garage door openers, and your complete home entertainment system. Imagine the simplicity, the convenience and the security that integrated lighting will bring to your life.


Adjust Shades AutomaticallyAutomated Shading Systems provide many benefits to your home:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Beauty
  • Convenience
  • Value
  • Energy Savings

Nugget Enterprises, Inc. is an authorized Lutron Shading Systems Integrator. We offer both wired and wireless systems that can be integrated into an existing home as well as installed during the construction process.

By partnering with Lutron, we are able to offer the finest solutions available today.:

  • Roller Shades
  • Drapery Tracks
  • Roman Shading
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Tension Shade Fabrics

We also offer an endless array of fabric options as well as proven quality installations.