Miscellaneous Systems

Whole Home Vacuum Systems Give You a Cleaner HomeTodays Central Vacuum systems are not limited to carpets, but are for any surface. All living spaces have detailed cleaning requirements, which can be handled by a central vacuum system. Flooring types, family members (including pets), the home's location and environment issues all play in to the proper selection of a central vacuum cleaning system. Proper selection will guarantee quick, easy and thorough cleaning - giving you more time to enjoy your home! Nugget Enterprises's goal is to supply the most innovation and complete line of central vacuum cleaning systems and accessories.

There are several benefits of a Central Vacuum System when compared to traditional portable vacuums:

1) Healthy Air – Central vacuum systems are designed to exhaust filtered air outside the home. After passing through several, filters the smallest dust particles and allergens are exhausted outside, not back into the house like all portable vacuum cleaners.

2) Quiet – With the main unit located in a remote location, only the quiet rushing air is heard while vacuuming. No loud whining motor noise.

3) More Power – Central vacuum units provide much more power than standard portable vacuums. The motors are more powerful because weight and size are not as critical as they are portable vacuums. Some central vacuum units have two motors for even more power.

4) Convenience – No more carrying around bulky and heavy portables. Central Vacuum Systems have hoses that are attached to wall outlets. Some systems have the hose located inside the piping and are available at each outlet. These systems eliminate the need to carry the hose throughout the home.

5) Home Value – As with other built-in appliances, investing in a central vacuum increases the market value of a home.



Wired and Wireless Home Networking SystemsWired or Wireless? We think both. Our routers, switches and network interface modules make it easy to share files, music and printers throughout your home. Access point(s) mount unobtrusively in the ceiling or in the wall for the best coverage, letting you roam freely inside and outside your home while surfing the Net from your laptop, smartphone or iPad! Now you'll always have the information you'll need, when you need it.



Home and Small Business Telephone SystemsTelephones are the lifeline to the outside world. Why not have the flexibility to add or remove phone lines whenever you want? Our systems can give you the power of a phone company technician without having to wear a name badge. Have a teenager who monopolizes the phone? Easily add another line using your existing single line phones, and assign a number to a specific room without rewiring. Our Telephone Surge Protector keeps all your phone equipment safe from power surges. You'll never miss another call due to a talkative teen!



Improve Communication with an Intercom SystemOur elegantly designed intercom systems keep your family connected. You can control security cameras and watch what's going on around the house right from your touchpanel. While listening to your favorite music, or watching a movie in the home theater, you'll know the instant someone rings the doorbell or enters the driveway, as the audio is muted, the camera appears on the TV and you're able to speak to the visitor and grant access to your home with the touch of a button.