Security/CCTV Systems

Security Systems - Peace of MindProtect Your Home and Loved Ones

  • Fortify Your Home With a Security System
  • Protect Your Home With:
    • Motion Sensors
    • Door/Window Contacts
    • Glass Break Detection
    • Water Sensors
    • Smoke / CO Sensors
    • Security Screens
  • Receive Text and email Alerts
  • Remotely Arm/Disarm Your System
  • Lock / Unlock Doors


An integrated security system can do more than sound a siren or call the monitoring station. An integrated system is capable of a variety of automation tasks as well as protecting your home or business.

Our Security Systems can:

  • Turn on or flash lights in the event of an alarm
  • Turn Off Thermostats in the event of Smoke or Fire
  • Schedule lighting scenes to give the home a lived in look
  • Flash the front porch lights to guide emergency personnel to your home

Additionally, automatic lighting scenes can be pre-programmed to different levels depending on time of day.

Adding cameras around the perimeter of the home or business can further enhance our security systems. An access control system can be used to protect against unauthorized entries into restricted areas while allowing easy access for authorized family members and guests. We do all we can to help protect your family.


CCTV SystemsNugget Enterprises Camera Surveillance Systems:

  • Record Video Activity 24/7
  • Remotely Monitor and Control Cameras
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capabilities
  • Night Vision Cameras "See at Night"
  • Surveillance Systems Provide Excellent Deterrence

Nugget Enterprise's CCTV Systems allow the home or business to view and/or record video onsite or remotely on a 24/7 basis. These systems also allow for remote access and control of cameras, making sure you are always keeping a watchful eye on your most valuable assets!

Want to see who is at the front door? Check on the children while they are sleeping? Check to make sure your house is safe and secure? CCTV has been successful in playing a part in catching and convicting criminals for theft or vandalism, and provides crucial evidence in a court of law, which can assist with asset recovery - therefore proving to be a cost effective solution.

From a single camera hooked up to a TV, to an array of cameras hooked up to a DVR for 24/7 recording, and accessed on your computer, phone or iPad over the 3G network or internet - Nugget Enterprises can design a system that meets your needs and budget.